• 2013 CMTC Bag Check with Dave Janiec

    Dave shares insights on his tennis game as well as his fellow GLTA players in this bag check video.

  • 2012 CMTC Bag Check with The Heinzens

    Michelle and Beverly discuss court apparal and more, complete with their Spyder.

  • 2012 CMTC Bag Check with Mark Buckingham

    Mark couldn't just do the video on his own. He brings along a cheering section, as well as a special guest start to keep him hydrated.

  • 2011 CMTC Bag Check with Jeff Strickland

    We all have baggage and Jeff is no exception. See what Miss Sunshine has been carrying around.

  • 2011 CMTC Bag Check with Drew Cabaccang

    Score cards, entry fees, hate mail, and Xanax. See what else a tournament director needs to succeed on court.

  • 2011 CMTC Bag Check with Linh Ngyuen

    When a tennis bag becomes bigger than its owner, it's time for an intervention. See what Linh's been hiding.

  • 2011 CMTC Bag Check with Scott Kauffman

    Ever wondered if a twelve pack of Bud Light (chilled) can fit into a tennis bag? Find out.